In a Nutshell

We are holding the NDIA, government and bureaucracy to account for the horrific harm caused.

Algorithms broke the NDIS operating model.

Nobody escapes unharmed.

Robondis was created by the same people who created robodebt.

We need a royal commission with coercive powers to investigate lawfulness

The truth about RoboDebt only came to light through the coercive powers of the RoboDebt Royal Commission… which left the doors open to investigate further with the closing address of Mr Greggery KC referring to the prevention of like schemes to RoboDebt.

The Independent Review does not have the powers to deal with this challenge.

The truth about RoboNDIS, the harms and unlawfulness will not see light of day while protected by the bureaucracy that created it.

Nobody can explain it and the bureaucracy won’t admit to it

Across all these parties making decisions regarding the lives of people with disabilities, there is not a common – or any – understanding as to the construction and effect of the algorithms.

Local Area Coordinators. Planners. Decision makers. Appeals officers. Internal ‘task forces’. Health professionals. Legal representatives for the agency. Legal representatives for participants. Members of the AAT – and its successor.

Robo services designed by bureaucracy harms life

People suicidal and in extremis due to supports defunded.

Unqualified staff making decisions about the most complex of human conditions, over-riding medical reports.

Years waits for wheelchairs and equipment with serious physical injuries resulting. Assistance animals defunded.

Abuse by NDIA staff.

Child going blind because NDIA did not read the reports.

Funding cuts of 75%; 80%; 93%.

A child blind, in a wheelchair, mute – rejected 8 times.

Families split and separated. Parents leaving their jobs because supports defunded. Diagnosis changed.

Terminal people not getting funding because of red tape and not value for money.

Lost medical documents.

Plans copy paste of other people’s.

People sleeping strapped in wheelchairs because adequate supports not funded.

Safety ignored.