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Let's get a million Australians demanding immediate action to prevent NDIS Harm.

Our goal is to stop RoboNDIS harm in its tracks, and achieve recompense for the thousands of people harmed by the scheme.

Our campaigns

We can do this by convincing Parliament to take the first step – a Royal Commission to examine just what happens in RoboNDIS.

When the Royal Commission delivers its findings, we will be able to launch a short, sharp class action, where the unlawful actions of the NDIA are already a matter of record, and the action can focus on determining what compensation is appropriate.

We will help you to engage and lend your essential support to the campaigns, with Social Media Posts, Letters to Politicians, Journalists and Community Leaders, a Petition to sign, and a legal action to join if you have experienced harm.

Class Action Campaign​

Since the inception of the NDIS, and particularly since its full roll-out began in 2016, many people have found themselves bewildered, stressed and fighting for the rights of people who have disabilities, because the NDIA has seemed to fail the tests of good behaviour by a Government Agency.

People have experienced psychological harm as a result of their experience – harm that has manifest through mental and physical illness, loss of relationships, loss of income, loss of employment and loss of assets.

It is time for action to not just drive the necessary change in behaviour at the NDIA, which we all hoped would be delivered by the Labor Government, but to also provide care, support and compensation for the many who have been harmed.

Our class action campaign aims to ensure that the many who have been harmed are properly compensated for the mischief foist upon them by an uncaring government and out-of-control public servants.

This class action must prove Misfeasance in Public Office, the evidence of which will come from the Royal Commission.​

Royal Commission Campaign​

RoboDebt showed us that a successful Class Action involves an extraordinary amount of work while evidence is discovered, tested and proven. The RoboDebt Royal Commission showed us how far the offenders (of common decency if nothing else) will go to conceal and defend what they have done. It also showed that a Royal Commission has the power to uncover the evidence that will enable a far more straight forward approach to delivering a Class Action.​

​Our Royal Commission calls for a sharp and intensive investigation, headed by an eminent member of the legal profession, like the Hon Catherine Holmes AC SC, and supported by expert investigators and legal counsel. The investigation should focus on the practice of the NDIA in dealing with participants from their first contact with the system to their last. It should give particular attention to how people are enrolled in the scheme, how support plans are prepared and approved, how changes to plans are managed, and how appeals against enrolment and planning decisions are managed.​

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This is the gathering place for all who are interested in the Stop RoboNDIS Campaign. It is an open access and unmoderated community. It is intended primarily as a place to register interest in the campaign and to receive updates on significant events, such as the opening of a Petition to Parliament.


Download the PDF and write a letter to as many state and federal politicians as you can.

Link to find Members and Senators.

Federal Petition


Electronic Petitions to the Australian Parliament can only run on the Parliamentary Petitions Site and can be live for only 28 days.

We expect to deliver the completed petition to the August sitting of Parliament and will announce the exact timing of the petition here and via the Facebook Group.