The Joint Standing Committee on the #NDIS has released a scathing interim report on the culture of the National Disability Insurance Agency (#NDIA), calling on it to do better. 

>>>> We have read it. It’s powerful. But the JSC has no power to interrogate witnesses, seize documents or force change. A different forum, such as a #RoyalCommossion must address these issues. 
participants and their families who, according to the report, expressed “pain, fear, anxiety, frustration and exhaustion 

>>>> We live this every day, because the #Harm caused is much deeper than simply having to deal with bad plans. 
NDIA CEO Rebecca Falkingham said instituting a culture of transparency would go a long way to restoring relationships with the disability community. She thinks that many participants feel the planning process is “a black box” and the agency has to do more to help people understand why certain decisions have been made about their plans. 
>>>> No, Rebecca. It’s a malfunctioning black box, where decisions need to be corrected before they cause harm, not just explained. Don’t suggest we lack the #IntelligenceToUnderstand
Falkingham also said: What’s been quite extraordinary to me is that we have not said no to a single Independent Expert Review recommendation so far”. 
>>>> Doesn’t that tell you something, Rebecca? It says that in every case sent to the IEA, your #NDISplanners, your #NDIADelegates and your #RoboPlan system got the plan #Wrong
Falkingham says: “the culture inside our review and legal branches changed quite significantly… nine out of 10 matters could be resolved way before they get anywhere near any kind of review process”. 

>>>> Who are you trying to fool, Rebecca? Our members going through AAT at present report zero change in the culture. Come and have a look with us!