RoboDebt showed us that a successful Class Action involves an extraordinary amount of work while evidence is discovered, tested and proven.  The RoboDebt Royal Commission showed us how far the offenders (of common decency if nothing else) will go to conceal and defend what they have done.  It also showed that a Royal Commission does have the power to uncover the evidence that will enable a far more straight forward approach to delivering a Class Action.​

​Our Royal Commission Campaign calls for a sharp and intensive investigation, headed by an eminent member of the legal profession, like the Hon Catherine Holmes AC SC, and supported by expert investigators and legal counsel.  The investigation should focus on the practice of the NDIA in dealing with participants from their first contact with the system to their last.  It should give particular attention to how people are enrolled in the scheme, how support plans are prepared and approved, how changes to plans are managed, and how appeals against enrolment and planning decisions are managed.​