What an absolute disgrace. Having attempted to wreck the scheme with #RoboNDIS, while ignoring the insufferable greed of providers, #Dutton and his cronies now invite the government to further wreck the #NDIS with cuts to fund #warships. ​

Peter Dutton says Coalition would support NDIS cuts to pay for Aukus submarines | Australian security and counter-terrorism | The Guardian

From The Guardian

​So, here’s the news…. We have had enough abuse of Australia’s most vulnerable community.​

​Nobody’s suggesting we trade off #Medicare against the subs. Nobody would dare touch the #Veterans for fear of a whole world of pain in response. But #Disabled people are fair game. How good is that. Well, hello: the Australian people can walk and chew gum at the same time. We don’t have to choose a nonsense bargain.​

​In his closing address to the Robodebt Royal Commission, Justin Greggery KC replayed a key item in its Terms of Reference: “What could be done to avoid this happening again in the future”. The first thing to do, right now, is to recognise that #RoboDebt was just the start. There is more appalling behaviour to be exposed and expunged.  It has happened again, with #RoboNDIS.  It’s been happening almost as long as #RoboDebt, and despite a change of government, the return of the founding Minister, a new board and a new CEO, the Disability Royal Commission and several reviews, NOTHING has been done to end the abuse.​

​For years, the Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison governments waged an insidious war against the disadvantaged.  They gave lip service to change while presiding over a chaotic transition to a new system that was supposed to give People with Disability an opportunity for a real, meaningful life, but which somehow managed to make many undeserving people insanely wealthy. The #snouts in the trough multiplied and grew fatter. Many of the people and attitudes they planted in what we might call the “Social Welfare” agencies (those dealing with pensions, unemployment, veterans, families, disabilities and so on) are still there. Some got the message early and moved on. Many others remain and hope to remain unaccountable.​

​We have news for them. We are coming for you!​

​#RoboNDIS, or #NotMyNDIS, builds on the work we have done began on Facebook in August 2022.  In our NDIS Class Action” (later “NDIS Class Action and Royal Commission” group has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on the harm that has been caused to NDIS participants and their parents, children, siblings, friends and other supporters, as well as those who have been refused access without valid reason. We have identified the depth of frustration and anger, both of which equal, if not exceed, the frustration and anger that went with #RoboDebt. We know the legal hurdles to a Class Action and we recognise the power of a short, sharp Royal Commission which can unlock the deeply hidden evidence and force urgent change.​

​Henceforth, http://www.RoboNDIS.org is the focal point for our campaign.  Here, people who have experienced the worst of the NDIS can register their support for our campaign and anonymously share their individual stories.​​

Our petition to the Australian Parliament asks it to urgently establish a Royal Commission along the same lines as the RoboDebt Royal Commission, to investigate and lay bare the scheme in which the NDIA used bad policy and bad technology to systematically punish people with disability by denying them access to essential supports and subjecting them to the indignity of endless reviews, appeals and refusals.​​

In parallel, we continue seven streams of research and analysis driving toward the Royal Commission and subsequent Class Action.​​

To support us, please start by adopting and using this hashtag: #RoboNDIS. Share the blazes out of this site and everything else that we publish. And join us in delivering a petition with a million names, making our plea impossible to ignore.​

#RoboNDIS – we’re coming for you.​

#PeopleofAustralia – we’re counting on you.​

#NotMyNDIS – This is not what was planned by Gillard and Shorten.​

#EndRoboNDIS #StopRoboNDIS – Stop producing plans that harm people​

#NotMyRoboPlan – Plans should be prescribed by experts, not some secret algorithm​

#NotMyNDISPlan – Focus on the real needs of people with disability​

#EndNDISHarm #StopNDISHarm– for thousands of participants and their “informal supports”​