Since the inception of the NDIS, and particularly since its full roll-out began in 2016, many people have found themselves bewildered, stressed and fighting for the rights of people who have disabilities, because the NDIA has seemed to fail the tests of good behaviour by a Government Agency.​

​People have experienced psychological harm as a result of their experience – harm that has manifest through mental and physical illness, loss of relationships, loss of income, loss of employment and loss of assets.​

​It is time for action to not just drive the necessary change in behaviour at the NDIA, which we all hoped would be delivered by the Labor Government, but to also provide care, support and compensation for the many who have been harmed.​

​Our class action campaign aims to ensure that the many who have been harmed are properly compensated for the mischief foist upon them by an uncaring government and out-of-control public servants.​